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This website is free and provides information and resources for victims of psychopaths/sociopaths and narcissists along with how to get my book Dark Souls. The website was done in my spare time in between working as an acupuncturist and helping and coaching other victims of psychopathic predators using voice dialogue.  Like most victims I am still recovering financially and when I can I do free talks for women groups. I no longer have a support forum due to time constraints but try to put up articles and video posts as and when I can.

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Please note I have NO affiliation with anyone apart from a common interest to share articles with people like George Simon and Sarah Tate.  I have quoted some authors in my book Dark souls, some of whom are qualified and some whom are not.  Any recommdations I make on the links page are done with whatever information I am given at the time of posting.

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Dark SoulsThe Book 

Are you looking for a book that will help you understand the Psychopath or Narcissist in your life?

Would you like some tools to help you to spot these abusive predators?


In book Dark Souls - Healing and Recovering from Toxic Relationships, It includes a detailed looked at the profile of the abuser and what makes them tick - along with a step by step process to healing and recovery. It is a practical handbook on psychopathic personalities and healing.

About Dark Souls 

What happens when you have a relationship with a person who you thought you knew only to find out they were someone else. A person who only the day before had declared their undying "love" for you. Yet following day, when you confront them with all of the lies you are literally dumped as if you never existed because they were found out. Then the tables are turned back on you and they are threatening you or worse.

Many books talk about the emotional, financial and physical carnage these people leave behind. The spiritual damage Dark Souls do to their victims is far more long lasting.

Dark Souls is a deeply personal story of author Sarah Strudwick's relationship with psychopaths and how she overcame the odds to transform her life. The book covers personality disorders including Sociopathy and Narcissism, what red flags to look for in relationships and how to remove yourself from the relationships of inevitable harm. Combining memoir and Self help book. Dark Souls provides a comprehensive guide to dysfunctional personality disorders and how to avoid or escape the abuse trap. It also looks at why the victims get involved with Dark Souls in the first place, and what kind of people they target.

Dark Souls focuses on the spiritual, psychological and emotional damage these psychopathic people do to their victims whilst playing their slick manipulative, games. Empaths in particular have a hard time spotting and handling narcissists.

Powerful and liberating, this is a must read for every woman concerned about the nature of their partners 'love' and are looking for some valuable tools to heal, recover and move on.

About the Dark Soul Personality

Dark Souls are more likely to target people who are nurturing, trusting, kind and committed. They are also likely to have a high level of empathy and a number of other traits that make them gullible targets.

Since Dark Souls have no morals its much easier for them to con a good person than another con artist. Some experts believe that they target their victims who have high morals and integrity because of their own distinct lack of morals. The relish the challenge of destroying the moral fibres and integrity of their targets in the hope that their targets will eventually lose them too.

Whatever label you want to give these people I prefer to give them my own label: Dark Souls. What exactly constitutes a Dark Soul? They are in essence a narcissistic psychopath or variations thereof with a strong emphasis on them being Energy Vampires and Shape Shifters. In my book Dark Souls I use the words sociopath/psychopath interchangeably and discuss both personality types, along with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 

A Dark Soul is like a black hole. A black hole occurs when a massive star, much larger than our sun, runs out of fuel. The remaining mass of the star collapses in on itself, causing an enormous vacuum that draws everything around it, including light, into itself.

This is exactly how Dark Souls appear to us. Their real personalities are invisible to everyone else around them and they spend their lives sucking people in drawing in the light and positive qualities of their victims’ personalities, money, or whatever they can get from them. Once you are in a relationship with them it’s extremely difficult to get out. Anything or anyone that is sucked in will be eventually depleted until there is nothing left.

In addition to giving you valuable tools to spotting these kinds of predators, I produced a unique Checklist of nearly 50 different traits that can help you spot whether you are in relationship with one. It also helps you decide whether or not any future relationships you encounter are likely to turn into relationships of inevitable harm so that you can avoid them in the first place.