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As will any links please use your own discretion at all times. Any victims of psychopaths will be vulnerable and remember to use your intuition


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Immediate Help


Support Groups

Support Forum for those who have been in relationship with Sociopaths and Psychopaths run by Donna Anderson

Empath groups 

Groups that support Highly Sensitive People: Highly Sensitive Facebook Group


Therapists Sites Sarah Strudwick, Spiritual Life Coaching John Nutting, Clinicial Counsellor. Author of 'Discovering your Negative Core Beliefs' Steve Becker is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW),
and certified hypnotherapist. He writes artilcles for on uncovering sociopaths and has his own excellent website Gill Blayney, Post Traumatic Stress and Hypnosis

vincent sandee


Sites about Psychopaths Film starring Dr Robert Hare and Sam Vaknin to education people about psychopaths run by sociopaths


How to Spot Liars Steve Van Aperen


Recommended Authors

See book list below George Simon Author of "In Sheeps Clothing" Author of 'Web of Lies' Dr Sandra Brown Donna Anderson  Author of 'The Emotionally Unavailable Man' Author of 'Empowered by Empathy'

Betrayal bonds - Dr Patrick Carnes




Recommended Reading 

Women who love Psychopaths book