Listen to Sarah Strudwick Interview Dr. Michael R. Smith - Author of 'The Complete Empath Toolkit' and 'Navigating 2012'

Dr. Micheal R. Smith

Interview 1  Dr. Michael R. Smith - Discussing why Empaths are more likely to be attracted to Dark Souls and vice versa?   How can Empaths or Highly Sensitive People protect themselves against those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Sociopathy.






Listen to Sarah Strudwick Interview Dr. George Simon - Author of 'In Sheeps Clothing - Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People' and his second book 'Character Disturbance'

Dr George Simon

Interview 2 - Dr George Simon - Interview with Dr George Simon, Clinical Psychologist and Author of "In Sheeps Clothing and "Character Disturbance discussing the various ways in which people manipulate including looking at the role of the neurotic, the sociopath, the narcissist and why we need as a society to change the way thoerists have taught traditional therapy and how it does not apply to disordered personalities. It also looks at the role of the victim and why they need to have the lightbulb moment and stop trying to understand these people to move on and heal.

You can also read a full transcript of the interview with Dr George Simon.





Listen to Sarah Strudwick Interview John Nutting- Author of Understanding your Negative Core Beliefs'


John Nutting Interview 3 - John Nutting - Interview with John Nutting, Voice Dialogue facilitator and trainer and author of 'Understanding your negative core beliefs'.  In this interview/discussion we look at the various ways that negative core beliefs affect our daily choices in life from relationships to what type of careers we might choose.  In addition we discuss the Inner child and the role of the inner child, especially for those who have grown up in dysfunctional families, and how by integrating our grown up adult aware selves we can learn to nurture our inner child.