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Article 1This Might Hurt a Bit -on why victims may not want to change

Article 2 - An Experiment with Energy Vampires - My personal experience and proof that energy vampires effect everything around us

Article 3 - Inside the Mind of a Psychopath - On why some people are able to get inside the mind of a psycopath

Article 4 - The Dark Soul as a Magician - On why the psychopathic personality presents himself as some unique kind of magician with special powers that keeps us under their spell

Article 5 - The Perfect Man - On looking at our own imperfections as to why we might attract such an imperfect man

Article 6 - Better the Devil you Know - Is it better the Devil we know when it comes to being with the psychopathic personality or do our beliefs play a major part in keeping us in denial if we have grown up in abusive childhoods

Article 7 - Why Bad Boys are dangerous for your Sexual and Mental Health - The importance of NO CONTACT and no sex when leaving a psychopath

Article 8 - Getting your head out of the Washing Machine - On the Games Socipaths Play to Mess with your head

Article 9 - The Scapegoat - For people who grown up with narcissistic parents

Article 10 - A victim of a narcissist speaks out  One reader explains her own experience of being in relationship with a Dark Soul

Article 11 - The Psychopaths Relationship Circle - On why the psychopath has multiple partners at any one time and why the victim does not fly off their radar for very long

Article 12- Dont judge a book by its cover - A review of Dark Souls By Fannie LeFlore

Article 13 - Why I wrote Dark Souls - 1 Year on and Healing

Article 14 - The Psychopathic Cartoons - Lovefraud

Article 15 - Re-traumatising and Post Traumatic Stress Why targets may become re-traumatised again if they have another run in with yet another psychopath

Article 16 - How to play ping pong with a Narcissist - How not to get sucked into their games when they make excuses for their bad behaviour

Article 17 - When Fairy Tales turn out to be Nightmares - How to spot the prince of Darkness

Article 18 - A warning to victims and fluffy bunnie lightworkers

Article 19 - Sexual risk Takers on the sex addiction and chemistry of the psychopathic type

Article 20 - The Polymathic Psychopath - On how to spot people who lie and exaggerate about their achievements

Article 21 - Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane - NO its a Psychopath

Article 22 - Goodbye Mr Stalker On how to deal with stalkers and move on with your life

Article 23 - Dark Souls the Game - Test out whether you want a relationship with a psychopath first by buying the game. Be warned this is a virtual game and unlikely to have the same emotional and financial effects as having a real relationship.

Article 24 - Finding a grain of Truth in a Pile of Dirt - On seeking answers from Spiritual gurus and how narcissists use projection to tell you exactly who they are

Article 25 - Dark souls as Destroyers - On why the psychopath feels the need to destroy victims lives long after the relationship cycle has ended

Article 26 - How long is a piece of String - on How long it takes to get over a relationship with a psychopath and what factors need taking into consideration.

Article 27 - Who is the Fool ? Them or Us -  On why we try to understand the Psychopath

Article 28 - Oh No - I think my Psychopathic ex has a heart - Does a psychopath feel love or feelings

Article 29 - More Education - Less Titillation! - Is there a handbook for psychopaths and should we not be educating people rather than providing them with titallation

Article 30 - Are Psychopaths Dark Entities - Is it possible psychopaths are dark entites operating on a different dimension from the rest of us ?

Article 31 - Any old Label will Do - On why psychopaths and sociopaths will use any old personality disorder rather than the real diagnosis to get themselves off the hook

Article 32 - Psychopaths - The Deadliest Poison of All - Why psychopaths poison our minds and our souls

Article 33 - Crazy as a Psychopath - On why we act and feel as crazy as the psychopaths we are in relationship with  

Article 34 - One big Lie - the psychopaths Mantra - One how psychopaths lie with the skill and dexterity of an oscar award winning actor

Article 35 - The Broken Mirror - On why we have to look at ourselves when in relationship with the psychopath and how we can repair the broken mirror

Article 36 - Goodbye Mr Stalker - an article on stalkers

Article 37 - How to get a degree in psychopathy - the hard way!

Article 38 - When abusers help other victims

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Article 39 - DSM Criteria to be changed

Article 40 - Psychopaths by Dr Robert Hare

Article 41 - Narcissistic Psychopath Sarah Tate

Article 42 - Article for Lovefraud - Sarah Strudwick

Article 43 - Expert view of Cluster B Personalities - Dr David Holmes

Article 44 - Why Are Psychopaths so Charismatic and Charming - Sarah Strudwick

Article 45 - Idiots Guide to Cluster B Personalities - Sarah Tate

Article 46 - The Silent but deadly treatment - Steve Becker

Article 47 - Is there a need for a Psychopathic victims helpline

Article 48 - Why its So Hard to Get rid of a Psychopath - Claudia Moscovici

Article 49 - Passive Aggressive Behaviour - including a video - Sarah Tate

Article 50 - Charismatic Psychopaths - Neil Entwhistle, Mark Hacking - by Claudia Moscovici

Article 51 - Sexual Risk Takers

Article 52 - The Devil is in the details - Sarah Tate

Article 53 - A message for Empaths - Sarah Strudwick

Article 54 -Aggressive Personalities Part One - Dr George Simon

Article 55 - Aggressive Personalities Part Two - Dr George Simon

Article 56 - Sociopathic Women - Lovefraud

Article 57 - When Hope is not Enough

Article 58 The psychopaths Relationship Cycle - Idealise, Devalue, Discard - Claudia Moscovici


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