When I first wrote Dark Souls I expected a handful of people to buy the book.  What I didn't realise is how many people have actually been harmed by psychopaths.

There are a number of reasons why I chose to write about this very sensitive subject matter and more importantly wanted to explore why certain types of people may be more likely to be targetted by psychopaths than others.

My second book "The Phoenix Spirit" is really about completely moving on and also includes some stories from other survivors.  It explores everything from redefining our lives post psychopath to ensuring that we get the correct support in terms of therapeutic intenvention.  More importantly it explores why it is so important to get the right type of help and how certain forums and support groups on psychopaths must be avoided at all costs.

During the last 3 years I have far more copies than I ever imagined along with being able to give hundreds of copies away to those who cannot afford to buy it and or womens groups that support women who have been victimised by psychopaths.

Ahtough both books are available on Amazon I will be shortly putting The Phoenix Spirit on Kindle as well as Dark Souls.  However I have put together an exclusive web offer whereby you can buy BOTH books on PDF for a fraction of the prices you would normally have to pay. 


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