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Mr Invisible - the Invisible Psychpaths amongst us


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Listen to Sarah Strudwick Interview Dr. Michael R. Smith - Author of 'The Complete Empath Toolkit' and 'Navigating 2012'

Dr. Micheal R. Smith

Interview 1  Dr. Michael R. Smith - Discussing why Empaths are more likely to be attracted to Dark Souls and vice versa?   How can Empaths or Highly Sensitive People protect themselves against those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Sociopathy. (apologies for the bad audio quality on this particular interview)






Listen to Sarah Strudwick Interview Dr. George Simon - Author of 'In Sheeps Clothing - Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People' and his second book 'Character Disturbance'

Dr George Simon

Interview 2 - Dr George Simon - Interview with Dr George Simon, Clinical Psychologist and Author of "In Sheeps Clothing and "Character Disturbance discussing the various ways in which people manipulate including looking at the role of the neurotic, the sociopath, the narcissist and why we need as a society to change the way thoerists have taught traditional therapy and how it does not apply to disordered personalities. It also looks at the role of the victim and why they need to have the lightbulb moment and stop trying to understand these people to move on and heal.

You can also read a full transcript of the interview with Dr George Simon.





Listen to Sarah Strudwick Interview John Nutting- Author of Understanding your Negative Core Beliefs'


John Nutting Interview 3 - John Nutting - Interview with John Nutting, Voice Dialogue facilitator and trainer and author of 'Understanding your negative core beliefs'.  In this interview/discussion we look at the various ways that negative core beliefs affect our daily choices in life from relationships to what type of careers we might choose.  In addition we discuss the Inner child and the role of the inner child, especially for those who have grown up in dysfunctional families, and how by integrating our grown up adult aware selves we can learn to nurture our inner child.




More articles can be found on my Blog

Article 1This Might Hurt a Bit -on why victims may not want to change

Article 2 - An Experiment with Energy Vampires - My personal experience and proof that energy vampires effect everything around us

Article 3 - Inside the Mind of a Psychopath - On why some people are able to get inside the mind of a psycopath

Article 4 - The Dark Soul as a Magician - On why the psychopathic personality presents himself as some unique kind of magician with special powers that keeps us under their spell

Article 5 - The Perfect Man - On looking at our own imperfections as to why we might attract such an imperfect man

Article 6 - Better the Devil you Know - Is it better the Devil we know when it comes to being with the psychopathic personality or do our beliefs play a major part in keeping us in denial if we have grown up in abusive childhoods

Article 7 - Why Bad Boys are dangerous for your Sexual and Mental Health - The importance of NO CONTACT and no sex when leaving a psychopath

Article 8 - Getting your head out of the Washing Machine - On the Games Socipaths Play to Mess with your head

Article 9 - The Scapegoat - For people who grown up with narcissistic parents

Article 10 - A victim of a narcissist speaks out  One reader explains her own experience of being in relationship with a Dark Soul

Article 11 - The Psychopaths Relationship Circle - On why the psychopath has multiple partners at any one time and why the victim does not fly off their radar for very long

Article 12- Dont judge a book by its cover - A review of Dark Souls By Fannie LeFlore

Article 13 - Why I wrote Dark Souls - 1 Year on and Healing

Article 14 - The Psychopathic Cartoons - Lovefraud

Article 15 - Re-traumatising and Post Traumatic Stress Why targets may become re-traumatised again if they have another run in with yet another psychopath

Article 16 - How to play ping pong with a Narcissist - How not to get sucked into their games when they make excuses for their bad behaviour

Article 17 - When Fairy Tales turn out to be Nightmares - How to spot the prince of Darkness

Article 18 - A warning to victims and fluffy bunnie lightworkers

Article 19 - Sexual risk Takers on the sex addiction and chemistry of the psychopathic type

Article 20 - The Polymathic Psychopath - On how to spot people who lie and exaggerate about their achievements

Article 21 - Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane - NO its a Psychopath

Article 22 - Goodbye Mr Stalker On how to deal with stalkers and move on with your life

Article 23 - Dark Souls the Game - Test out whether you want a relationship with a psychopath first by buying the game. Be warned this is a virtual game and unlikely to have the same emotional and financial effects as having a real relationship.

Article 24 - Finding a grain of Truth in a Pile of Dirt - On seeking answers from Spiritual gurus and how narcissists use projection to tell you exactly who they are

Article 25 - Dark souls as Destroyers - On why the psychopath feels the need to destroy victims lives long after the relationship cycle has ended

Article 26 - How long is a piece of String - on How long it takes to get over a relationship with a psychopath and what factors need taking into consideration.

Article 27 - Who is the Fool ? Them or Us -  On why we try to understand the Psychopath

Article 28 - Oh No - I think my Psychopathic ex has a heart - Does a psychopath feel love or feelings

Article 29 - More Education - Less Titillation! - Is there a handbook for psychopaths and should we not be educating people rather than providing them with titallation

Article 30 - Are Psychopaths Dark Entities - Is it possible psychopaths are dark entites operating on a different dimension from the rest of us ?

Article 31 - Any old Label will Do - On why psychopaths and sociopaths will use any old personality disorder rather than the real diagnosis to get themselves off the hook

Article 32 - Psychopaths - The Deadliest Poison of All - Why psychopaths poison our minds and our souls

Article 33 - Crazy as a Psychopath - On why we act and feel as crazy as the psychopaths we are in relationship with  

Article 34 - One big Lie - the psychopaths Mantra - One how psychopaths lie with the skill and dexterity of an oscar award winning actor

Article 35 - The Broken Mirror - On why we have to look at ourselves when in relationship with the psychopath and how we can repair the broken mirror

Article 36 - Goodbye Mr Stalker - an article on stalkers

Article 37 - How to get a degree in psychopathy - the hard way!

Article 38 - When abusers help other victims

Articles moved over from Waking you up

Article 39 - DSM Criteria to be changed

Article 40 - Psychopaths by Dr Robert Hare

Article 41 - Narcissistic Psychopath Sarah Tate

Article 42 - Article for Lovefraud - Sarah Strudwick

Article 43 - Expert view of Cluster B Personalities - Dr David Holmes

Article 44 - Why Are Psychopaths so Charismatic and Charming - Sarah Strudwick

Article 45 - Idiots Guide to Cluster B Personalities - Sarah Tate

Article 46 - The Silent but deadly treatment - Steve Becker

Article 47 - Is there a need for a Psychopathic victims helpline

Article 48 - Why its So Hard to Get rid of a Psychopath - Claudia Moscovici

Article 49 - Passive Aggressive Behaviour - including a video - Sarah Tate

Article 50 - Charismatic Psychopaths - Neil Entwhistle, Mark Hacking - by Claudia Moscovici

Article 51 - Sexual Risk Takers

Article 52 - The Devil is in the details - Sarah Tate

Article 53 - A message for Empaths - Sarah Strudwick

Article 54 -Aggressive Personalities Part One - Dr George Simon

Article 55 - Aggressive Personalities Part Two - Dr George Simon

Article 56 - Sociopathic Women - Lovefraud

Article 57 - When Hope is not Enough

Article 58 The psychopaths Relationship Cycle - Idealise, Devalue, Discard - Claudia Moscovici


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Dark Soul Humour - Current Nutter Number 3,271 A humourous look at not attracting Nutters anymore

 More Humour on Psychopaths here

Other writers on Psychopath that I would recommend are:

http://www.sarahtateauthor.com/  and  www.drgeorgesimon.com



Claudia Moscovici has an excellent website with articles on Psychopaths


Flora Loveday's site for stalker awareness www.the-upper-hand.com


Support Forums - If you are going to join a support forum. Make sure you join one that is going to help you such as Lovefraud.com.

For other advice and support on pathologicals please visit:



Many support forums have psychopaths and narcissists on there who will thrive on victims who already feel vulnerable. If you want to read an interesting article on support groups. Please go here


Here is a radio interview with Filmmaker Ian Walker, Director of I-Psychopath and Dr Robert Hare, discussing Psychopaths and Sam Vaknin

Articles and resources from Sam Vaknin

Some useful links on Narcissism and Support Groups

Website for Highly Sensitive children of Narcissistic Parents.  Includes a number of poems and songs www.hopehealing.wordpress.com

Website support for abused/battered Women  www.nightvisionforwomen.com 

To find more resources and Links please go here