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Some books talk about psychopaths and narcissists purely in medical terms whilst others like myself talk about them not ony in terms of disordered personality but in terms of spiritual and energetic beings. From my own experience I took a gamble when writing writing Dark Souls based on the fact that I included some of the more weird esteoritic things that happen to victims including their experiences of being with energy vampires and seeing these people as shape shifters. The following video by explains clearly in words far better than I could why more and more people are coming to terms with the fact that we need to look at the bigger picture in terms of healing and recovery and why I stick to my guns even at the risk of looking stupid.




Audios from Interviews

Interview With Dr George Simon - Part 1 of 4

Interview with John Nutting - Negative Core Beliefs - Part 1 of 2


Interview With Dr Michael Smith - Part 1 of 3
(apologies for the bad audio quality on this particular interview)

Interview with John Nutting - Love Your Inner Child Part 1 of 2


Animated Videos By Sarah on Dark Souls


Exposing the mask of Insanity


 Using the old Soulmate trick - a Great video for Empaths to see


 What kind of professions do you find sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths working in ? and is it possible that one day Dark Souls will eventually become extinct ?


Sex with the Narcissist Part of a series of informative videos


A Series of videos on how these people manipulate and exploit


Lighthearted yet sinister look at Facebook Stalkers - Read more about Stalkers here

Videos on Psychopaths and Narcissists


Interview With George Simon on CBS News 



 Dr Robert Hare, On clinical Diagnosis Of Psychopaths


 Steve Van Aperen on spotting Liars



Paul Eckman on Microfacial Expressions and why it is so difficult for us to spot Psychopaths and Narcissists who are able to pass lie detector tests


a powerful video on children who who grown up with childhood abuse 


A short video on Neil Entwhistle being shown the crime scene of his murdered wife and daughter. He was found guilty of suffering from Narcissistic rage and diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Quote from Dark Souls Chapter 9 Masters of Illusions - What you see is not what your get

"During his trial Entwhistle was shown the crime scene of the murder. The photos showed the bed where Rachel Entwistle, 27, and 9-month-old Lillian Rose were found shot to death on Jan. 22, 2006 although the bodies were covered with a duvet. Having learned what I had about the cognitive dissonance that we feel when watching someone say something and react differently with body language and so I decided after watching the video that I had a distinct feeling of “uneasiness”. The same feeling I had felt when Oliver had cried crocodile tearson telling his cancer story.

I decided to contact Steven Van Aperen for an explanation and asked if he would comment on the video and his response was:

One of the first things that concerned me about this tape was the fact that he was crying without any visible tears being apparent. Crocodile tears would be an apt description relating to this performance. In relation to his facial expressions I did not see anything remotely indicating grief, sorrow or sadness. Professor Paul Eckman, who compiled the Facial Action Coding System, found through his research that when we try to conceal an emotion it will often manifest itself as a facial expression within a micro second (approx. 1/25th of a second). I have dealt with many victims who have experienced emotional pain during traumatic periods in their life and the pain is often etched across their face. This didn't appear to be the case with Entwistle. In fact his hand movements covering his face whilst viewing the tape would suggest concealing and or blocking behaviours to cover his unconvincing acting.”


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 Wonderful song - Be a Transformer

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