Inside the Mind of A Psychopath

I was shocked to come across a review site review the book 'The Socipath Next Door' by Martha Stout suggesting that she was a sociopath because she was able to get into the sociopaths head and understand them.


I could not think of a more ridiculous statement. There are so many excellent books on these people it got me wondering if people would also too suggest the same of myself because I had managed to get into the mind of the psychopathic narcissist.


Here is a quote from one reader of Marthas book "I am one those people next door who can literally do ANYTHING…. and feel no guilt. I am unable to love. I am magnetic, sexy, and the word “charisma” does not begin to explain the animal magnetism I I live to dominate and win. I eat my steaks rare–singed a bit on the outside and bloody inside. Very bloody. And I’ll tell you what. Until Martha Stout wrote this book that gives all the ordinary sad-sack suckers out there the tools to identify my deep EEEEEEEEEE-vil, I was on track to dominate the world! BWA-HA-HA!!! But now that even an average schlump can look at me and think “psycho” without straining his limited mental faculties, the world shall never be my own personal oyster–with a fully stocked harem of beautiful captives, and my legions of enemies working themselves to death in salt mines. Thanks for nothing, Martha Stout!"
Well I say well done and thankyou to Martha Stout and all those other kinds souls out there who are educating the masses about these people. 
With regards to how we can get into the mind of the sociopath, narcissist or psychopath.  One is to educate ourselves, the other is to be an unfortunate victim of them!  You pretty soon start to figure them out.

In my own case,  I would like to explain how its possible to "understand" these creatures that I call Dark Souls from my own experience. I spent a couple of years reading book upon book trying to "figure them out". Going through the DSV diagnostic criteria for Sociopaths, narcissists, psychopaths and so on. I then looked at the way they behaved around other people and finally I used a skill that most people may not have.


I used the skill of the "emotional, intellectual, empathy". As an emotional intuitive empath I am able to feel other peoples feelings. Its not the lovliest of gifts when you are around a Dark Soul because you are litereally feeling their stinking horrible viile thoughts but it allows you to understand how they think. I remember a time when my ex was vehmently denying that he had done some pretty vile things and I had to confront him.


I used an exercise I had never done before. You literally step inside the energy of the person, albeit briefly and try to put yourself in their shoes.


All I can say is after doing the exercise, I am glad I was in my body after and not theirs!


After that exercise I came home and wrote up how it felt to be like that person. I was going to put it in the book but decided against it due to the ever increasing number of pages that I had already written on the subject.


So here is the final edited version and what it feels like to be inside the mind of these poeople. I placed it on my wall for a few months to remind myself why I would never want to be with that person again and titled it:


“Do Not Respond Advert” 

I would highly recommend anyone whatever their story to write themselves an advert for their Dark Soul ex to remind themselves why they are no longer with them and it also serves as a reminder when you are in a place when your feeling and vulnerable or want to contact them to say NO or when they come back begging to take you back. It also helps you stop feeling angry and if you are Empathically picking up your Dark Souls projected anger it somehow has a way of miraculously dissipating it and neutralising in in an non harmful way.

Hi my name is ***** ***** ****


I am not shy and I have no problem telling you all about myself when I first meet you.

Telling you all about my famous parents. My dad is a famous professor and works for a cancer trust.

My mum is very successful head of a ********* company a multinational corporation.

Unlike me who is Mr ordinary, and never been successful at anything.

I will tell you lots of stuff about them how my mother appears regularly on the national radio and how my dad is this top professor and pays for my free holidays every year. I wont mention my successful brother because that detracts all the attention away from me.  I will tell you I have a qualifications in this and that but when you go check them none of them actually stand up. I dont actually think I have any proper qualifications at all to be honest.

My whole life is a cover up.  And I despise anyone succesful especially my parents because they sent me off to boarding school at when I was little. In fact I hate them so much I do the things I do to punish them for my crappy childhood. I will exagerate everything by saying they sent me off at 4 rather than 7 but you wont figure this out until much later. In fact I will exagerate everything.


I do NOT have any feelings but I am very good at pretending I do have them. I have covered them up all my life. I am very good at saying “I love you” and I am very good at the odd crocodile tears. I am also good at portraying myself as the classic Mr Nice guy. I am a shape shifter, an actor and I will clone myself to be anything you want me to be.

I will have no problem getting you sucked in by befriending your own family and even your kids. I will happily take them out with me on martial art events on the weekends. I will befriend you mum, your dad, your friends and your brother. They will, like you, believe I am an unhappily married man that dearly loves his children and has had a run of bad luck which includes lost jobs, cancer and so on. The list will become endless until you finally start to believe all my lies. I'll tell your son how much I love you and that it's only a matter of time before me and his mum are going to be together.  He will start to love me almost as much as you do. 

You won’t realize that I have been stringing you on all along. Your finances will be a complete mess and you will have to go and get yourself a load of counselling to sort yourself out. On top of that you will end up penniless. I on the other hand will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Yet underneath all this "niceness" I am an undiagnosed out and out classic pathological psychopath with narcissistic personality disorder for good measure. When provoked I can also show signs of Borderline personality having cut myself in the past but that’s more in the past. I am also very good at being passive aggressive. I will give you little clues along the way but if you have come from a dysfunctional background all the better you won’t spot me very easily.

When I first meet you I will be charming and very loving. I will give you a real sob story and tell you how unhappily married I am. I will tell you about my sexual abuse because you were sexually abused as a child. I will pick up any subtle clues I can about you along the way to gain your trust.  Saying we have a special connection, that I was abused, that I have been sick, just as you were.  I will say "anthing" that makes you feel like we have some kind of mututal connection. 


I will mirror you perfectly! You will never know whether these stories are true or not because I hide so easily.  But rest assured I cannot hide under this mask forever and you will find out who I am eventually. Usually when its too late!

I will tell you how plain and boring my wife is and how lovely you are and how I NEVER sleep with her. I will tell you all kinds of things about her, about how she is a nagging selfish bitch. You will find when its all too late, that I sleep with her when it suits ME. What she doesn’t know is that I sleep around and have sex with other people unprotected whenever it suits ME. I do it because I want to unconsciously punish her for being such a terrible person, the terrible person that I am. I have all kinds of horrible fantasies about her dropping down dead and hoping she will die and leave the expensive house and kids to me so I can get out of this miserable hell I have created for myself. But I stay because I don't want anyone to have anything better than me.

When the sympathy vote is not working and you want to leave, I will use my children on you. Tell you how I am such a great parent and how I do everything for my kids. I wont tell you that I am selfish and that I only do things that I like, like Martial arts and taking time off at weekends just for myself. I wont tell you, I never do anything with my family. I will only tell you the things I want you to hear like how my wife is selfish and never does anything for the boys. How she is a bad parent. How I think she has affairs, how I think the is a gold digging bitch.

If you want me to be there for you when you have a problem. Forget it!. I will always have the perfect excuse not to be around. I will promise that I am there for you always by saying lots of bullshit like “I love you” but when it comes to the crunch I will NOT be there for you. I know how much you love me by this time so I will make you feel very guilty for even asking me in the first place. If you have a major crisis like having to go into hospital for an operation I will conveniently just NOT have any time to even come over for an hour. However I you offer me something I want like sex, I jump at the opportunity whenever I get the chance.

I am very good at using the sympathy vote if you are very soft and loving and have lots of light or are a light worker or healer. I will use every trick in the book I can to get your sympathy and stop you from leaving me.

One of my best ones was pretending I had throat cancer for three months so my girlfriend wouldn’t leave me. It makes me laugh so much just thinking about how I “got her” on that one. It kept my stupid girlfriend Sarah sucked in for about 3 years on that one.

I love ridiculing healers and light workers. My mother and father in law are light workers too and I delight at taking the p**s especially out of women. I enjoy taking the **** out my wife and particularly my mother in law telling stories about how things like hoppponono are rubbish and the Interfaith Church. I will get extremely angry and rage if you become successful when you finish with me. I cannot bear to see anyone else successful because I am one big failure.

I do however love NLP because it allows me to use my BULL***t on others. I have developed a way of talking to people is nothing more than “conversational terrorism” and is great at controlling people and making them think they are crazy. To your face, I will be all sweet and light especially to my in-laws but behind your back I will begrudgingly do websites for you and even put recommendations on there.

If you are my girlfriend I will selectively tell you everything just to keep you sucked into my game.

You will have to find out all the other stuff yourself but being cleverer than me. If you have an IQ of about 146 which my last girlfriend had. I will tell you mine is 175 and get really p*****d at you for being so suspicious. You will have to start to act a bit like me and get into my head to figure me out.

If you start to uncover who I really am I will threaten to kill you and make you think you are so crazy I will put you off balance. You will have really persevere and be strong to uncover the truth. If you tell the police about me I will turn it all around to you and tell them you are crazy.

In the beginning I will tell you that I have no money so you feel sorry for me and you will pay for everything. I will conveniently have no money to pay for anything not even lunches.

I am greedy in every sense of the word. I like to eat massive 12 inch subway sandwiches with so many chillies on that a normal person would not be able to eat them. How can I do that because I have NO taste and more importantly I have NO FEELINGS.

I will tell you what a hard worker I am how I graft every day for my family. How my lazy wife does nothing when in fact she runs a successful business and I am envious of her for her success. I selectively forget that if I am dating you I am only there to flop on the sofa while YOU pander to my wishes or have sex with me. While I skivvy off work. When my boss catches me out I will use you as my scapegoat.

I will tell you all kinds of things like my wife keeps the purse strings. I won’t tell you that I keep money for myself and that I hide everything from her. Even money that I get in wills. I will never pay for anything. You will always have to pay. Despite living in a million pound house which was paid for by my rich parents and you having far less than me. I will never have money on me when it comes to going out. I will always conveniently have forgotten my wallet.

For a man with such a high IQ I have had over 5 jobs in three years. I cannot keep a job down. You will believe I am just a victim. You wont think for one second I just leave my jobs or get fired the minute I am about to be caught out.

If I am unlucky enough to get caught out for messing up on my job because I am trying to run two businesses at once I will ask you to cover my ass for me so my wife doesn’t find out. I will coerce you into saying you were my therapist because I was sick and got cancer, which I never had in the first place. Its only when you find out later by uncovering the truth that I have strung you along and I am suing my employer.

If you are my employer and try to fire me I will sue you and make your life hell!


The other thing I have is no fear. Until of course you expose me.

I am greedy in every sense of the word. Especially when it comes to sex. My motto is take take take. I have no problem putting myself all over the place so long as I can get MY needs met. I am good at tricking people. I learned my skill very well. I seek older kind, nice women in particular who can teach me how to be a better lover so that I can move on to my next victim when they are not giving me my Sociopathic narcissistic supply or have caught me out.

I am a classic bi-sexual Narcissist. that will make you feel really sick when you find me on a number of different sex sites that put your health at risk. Because I hate strong women I will intentionally choose them. I will come across as submissive and advertise myself as such. Nothing better than making out I am something I am not. Its more of a challenge for me.

I have no qualms about that and I will have no qualms about passing that down on my children. I actively flaunt my naked body in front of my two boys, fobbing you off with stories about how that's “normal” because I went to a boys school. You will feel very icky having grown up with covert abuse and confront me about it it but I will always have the perfect excuse for doing what I do and say you are over sensitive.

My last girlfriend was pretty clued up and accused me of it and gave me loads of books to read but I don’t care. In fact I will probably be proud if they grow up unconscious just like ME

When I first meet you I will tell you I like being submissive. That’s a big cover up because actually I am a classic Sociopath that likes to control people. It will take a while for you to figure me out. I get off on inflicting pain and hurt to anyone that meets me. I see people that are kind and loving as weak and pathetic.

If you are ever likely to confront me I will DENY EVERYTHING and that's when I start projecting all my vile s*** back on to you. I do it consciously and I love doing astral aikido and projecting all kinds of vile s*** on people who I feel have hurt me. Even if they haven’t !

I am envious of everyone and if they get things that I want I will go out of my way to make sure they are damaged. I wont hesitate to hack into your computer when you have caught me out and wipe off your hard drive when you spent months working on something you love.

In the beginning of the relationship I will save all your texts saying you love me on my phone because it makes me feel so good about myself and feeds my warped ego. I wont care that my wife will find them on the phone and if you check it might make you feel like I really do love you and really am going to leave my wife for you.

What you wont understand is I have no fear about getting caught by anyone. Its all just a game getting away with as much as I can.

However when the relationships starts to deteriorate I will save ALL the texts you sent to me saying that you are suspicious, that I have hurt you. When you call the police in on me for wiping your computer and stalking you, I will turn it all around and say that you are angry and you are pissed at me for all the horrible things I have done to you. I actually find it FUNNY.

I am a really flamboyant. I love to show off. I will appear in lots kinky films without a mask. I love the fact that I am all over the internet on thousands of pages where anyone can find me any time. I also love it that my films can be found in any sex shop in the country. I not care that my wife or my mum or dad will find out that I have been in kinky films because my motto is


I will secretly stick myself on modelling sites thinking I can make money for myself. When you try to catch me out I will DENY everything and make out you are crazy for even suggesting I could be on such a site. I will even suggest that my family put me on there for a joke even though you have to have had a passport to confirm that you want to be on one of those sites.

I am so arrogant I will use full face pictures and use my real names and pictures of me with my little boy. I'll even use my wedding picture (edited out) just to piss my wife off even more if she ever found it. You wont have to hack into my computer to find me you will just have to Google me and type in my name. I am that arrogant. But if you uncover me make now bones about it I will hack into your computer and wipe off everything you have done, just for the hell of it.

I will chat on social networking sites like Facebook under my real name and have mostly female friends on there. If you are my girlfriend and ask to be friends on there I will completely ignore you. I will then make you even more crazy by saying I am still on there when I have actually hidden my profile. In fact I am still on there, hiding away.

Then my narcissistic tendencies will really come out and I will start to have grand illusions of planting my seeds all over the place because I will be feeling so full of myself. I will start putting myself on sites like sperm donors with smug pictures of myself. I really do have a big self destruct button. Part of me actually wants to be punished. At the same time this was my biggest thrill Putting myself on a sperm donors site. I wont tell them I am on every sex site in the country and that their health would be at risk. Nor that Sociopathy is possibly passed down in the genes. I wont tell them there is cancer in my family or that I had cancer. Why because it was all lies.

Then you will find me on lots of bi sexual sites telling everyone about my sexual prowess.

Then you will start to become angry because I have insisted that I love you, and that we are a couple and that I am your soul mate.

Then when you threaten to expose me you will be even more angry because I will have said things like “you are a risk to my children” when clearly I am a big risk to my children. But I do not care about anyone.

I do it because I don’t have any feelings. The only feelings I have are shame, guilt, hate, anger envy and lack of self worth but I will NEVER show them to anyone. I will just PROJECT them all on you so you end up feeling suicidal and depressed.

If that doesn’t work I will start psychically projecting on you especially if you are an Empath which is really good for me because I don’t have to make any effort. I will even project vile thoughts on your family and make your children Ill if you have any,

When you start confronting me with all this vile stuff you have found out about me I will be so arrogant I wont possible believe you could have the intelligence to have found all this stuff on Google alone and I will get extremely angry. At the same time I will still be denying everything! That's when you will get a nice surprise. After turning everything around to the police, hacking your computer I will threaten to kill you.

And I will love it because I will have stolen all your hard work. all your writing all your music album you have created for the last six months while you have have been trying to get on with your life forgetting about me.

I like stealing things the same as I like stealing your soul because I don’t have one myself. In fact I am so pathologically sick that one of the firms I pretended to work for I “stole” the identity of the person working there who was successful and had the same surname as me and managed to keep up that story for nearly six months. Imagine that pretending to be A Mr Smith, Managing Director of successful corporation, only for my girlfriend to find out later that I had never worked there at all and that I had “cloned” myself just to pretend to be him.

When you confront me and show me all the evidence I will have no choice but the crumble like a small baby and say sorry. But only because I have been caught out. And if you ask me why I did it I will say “I dont know”. Of course I know! Because I am a psychopath.

Will I have learnt anything NO.

The only person who has learnt anything is my ex girlfriend Sarah Strudwick

Because underneath If I was to get exposed. I would love it!. You see I am like a naughty child with a mental emotional age of about 5. I wouldn’t care if I was in the national papers and everyone saw me for what I was. I wouldn’t care if anyone said I was vile and a pervert because I was getting the attention I deserved that I didn’t get when I was a child because my emotional brain got switched off.

I know I am different and that’s why I seek loving kind light workers like my ex wife, my ex girlfriend, my in laws and others that I can, mimic and abuse and see in them the things that I cannot ever be.

And right now I am extremely angry and pissed off that my ex girlfriend Sarah didn't even give me the credit to even put my real name in the book so despite all my grandiose fantasies I am not even famous!

If you are reading this advert and want to apply you need to be






Empath (untrained!)

dysfunctional background



wealthy is good

sexually adventurous

Or actually just plain anyone I am not fussy!


Or better still just avoid them in the first place !